Final Championship Weekend Series

With two weekends of the championship season to go, the final weekend series is being held this weekend. With a forecast of rain and gales for Sunday, it may be just a short series!

There was a good breeze all afternoon, enough to cause the odd capsize – Mike Fairlamb with Margaret Trotter had an unfortunate capsize on the beat that lost them the lead to Val and Ken Bell in a closely fought race.… Read full article “Final Championship Weekend Series”

Whatever Floats Your Boat! Now you see them – Friday


Now you see them - FridayNow you don't - SaturdayPlease be aware that the heavy wind and rain has topped up the lake and the water is lapping under various boats (including mine!), and some have been blown over. It may be advisable to check or move it, especially as high winds are forecast for SaturdayWell a big thank you to those that worked through the evening to rescue numerous boats and move them to high ground.
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