Thomas is Twittering Again

Kirky the commodore and his merry men help as Ken Bell mole ploughs the new electric cable in to the back field.

Robbie D must have been to spec savers as he seems to have found the grass without too much problem.

Toggle should have gone to spec savers Grass doesn’t seem to be too long where Toggle is cutting !

Even Banter Phil has found the grass that needed cutting

Ken Bell, Scumper and Andy T putting in base for FF15 winch in readiness for their old age

Toggle and Alan secure the latest piece of modern artwork, more commonly known as the F15 winch

The mermaid, Scumper and a Bass rare species – Toggle!

Newest F15 fleet members, Martin and Stacy, test their new purchase.

Is Pat a bag lady, collecting rubbish, or just dumping rubbish around her feet?