As for the Club Racing…

Although there were no takers for Saturday’s club racing, the fairer weather tempted out a small fleet of Handicap boats, and GPs.

With Scumper crewing for Neil Platt in the F15s in the morning, Toggle had free reign in the handicap fleet winning the race from Jim Christie, with Ethan valiantly completing the course in his dad’s Vareo, despite one or two capsizes. Toggle was doing well in the afternoon too until he rounded 0 the wrong way, losing the lead to Scumper (and Matthew), and three places, in a matter of seconds. Scumper went on to win the race, with Alastair Duncan 2nd and Paul Clark 3rd.

Andy Smith continued his winning ways in the GP, with wife Emma crewing, in the morning race with Hugh/Rachael 2nd and Alistair/Claire 3rd, while in the afternoon there was some close racing between Alan/Sue and Hugh/Rachael, but Hugh took the honours.