Random Results Generator

Well that’s what seemed to happen in the first race yesterday! Or was it bribery and corruption?

Mike Moore built up such a big lead he didn’t realise that he was heading for the wrong mark until he realised the rest of the fleet (well Tim and Ian) were heading to 3 (not 2!). Despite not catching up the lost ground, the results still showed Mike as winner!

In the handicap fleet, Scumper had a late start but was miraculously awarded first place when the number of laps were miscounted. Bean wasn’t going to let that remain uncorrected for long!

Sunday is glorious again and the wind has strengthened as the morning progressed. Should be an excellent sail.

Mr and Mrs Bean again took command of the asymmetric fleet, ahead of Toggle, while Mike and Kayla led the general handicap fleet, despite initially rounding the wrong windward mark, from Dave and Lynn in a borrowed GP.

Herb, always happy to insult, was on the receiving end when he donned his shorts to reveal those knobbly knees of his!

Captain Calamity Campbell joined the start crew for the afternoon race, and all hell let loose. Not sure why, or whose fault it was, but we’ll blame OD Toddy – the asymmetrics should have had a simple, two mark, windward/leeward course. When it had four marks in it, most of the fleet converted it to the two mark version apart from Joan and Jack Hardie and it ended up that only Joan was awarded a finish position. Shame to waste a wonderful afternoon’s racing like that.

Mike and Kayla again won, but this time from Andy and Katia in a Mirror.

Bank holiday next weekend – dig out your Disney costumes! Even if it’s just Mary Poppins umbrella as it’s bound to be needed on a Bank holiday 🙁