Bank Holiday Weekend

Saturday racing was held in somewhat variable winds. The fleet believed they were heading out for a gentle saunter around the course only to find that the wind came in in droves and then disappeared for a while. Of course the exciting bit was when the wind came in! Scumper and Zefer took advantage of one gust and were disappointed that the shoreline was coming up all too quickly!

Toggle is, of course, worthy of a mention for trying to take out his (capsized) opposition. Apparently Toggle was  bearing away on a gust but managed to catch Hugh’s mast and spin him round as he was righting the boat, throwing Hugh back in the water. It is suggested that Tog was causing havoc in three’s and should have done turns on those occasions too, but no doubt we’ll be updated with the alternate version of events!

Sunday’s racing started with a forecast of more wind than Saturday, but it has yet to materialise! At least the black cloud didn’t dump any rain.

In the GP fleet the race was over after the first mark, the lead had changed three times by then, but a procession ensued.

The afternoon turned out to be in better winds, and there was an occasional capsize, and a little bit of mayhem at one of the windward marks as the course caused boats to loop it!

The entertainment for the evening has started with a game of rounders. To date there’s been no casualties, but there’s time! This will be followed up by a quiz night.

Will tomorrow’s forecast of showers and lots of wind come to fruition?

Too piggin’ true it did! There was a great reticence to venture out on Monday following the high overnight winds, even though it had eased slightly. With no Flying 15s taking to the water Mike Moore opted to be OD and made sure the sailors got there monies worth of excitement. Shunty and Ruth were recalled for being over the line at the start (but Toggle went back too!). Scumper and Zefer took an early lead, but a capsize let Shunty back in on the action and he pulled out a big lead. When there was no shorten course after two laps William and Elaine opted to come ashore, and William then allowed(?) the boat to run Elaine over as she held it on the slipway. Despite having had several capsizes, William’s retirement caused Andy and Emma to continue for the rest of the race to help secure their position the series. Big E and Toggle battled on as well, having suffered several capsizes as well. Little did they know they’d be out there for almost 90mins! (They should sleep well tonight)

Although Shunty is a past king of the Enterprises, his lead was not sufficient to beat Mark Ninnim who sailed well to win the race on handicap.

After a long lunch break, the wind hasn’t eased and the fleet opted to forego the fourth and final race of the series

As Rhonwen takes leave from the club for a sabatical (well sort of – we think she’s really gone to keep Cecile company drinking pints of whatever they can lay their hands on in Paris) she’ll have some memories of her final race to take with her and haunt her. On a screaming reach, a gust of wind hit them and they were flattened instantly. It was to be another 20 mins before they were upright and limping home

Other casualties included Robin and Becky in the Vago – they didn’t make the start, but went out for some screaming planes, included several capsizes, including a final one within spitting distance of the jetty albeit too deep to stand up (comfortably!)

With another series complete, the championships have been updated and are posted below