Bank Holiday Weekend

The August Bank Holiday camping weekend commenced early for some, thanks to an extra nights camping. A fine forecast helped with numbers both on and off the water. The Night Jar started in a steadyish easterly and a beautiful view of the setting sun on Skiddaw. Unfortunately for the faster boats, mainly Caroline and Jonathon in the RS400, the extra lap started about the same time as the dying breeze.

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The junior and youth Splash Day was well attended, with 40 smiling faces at the 11am briefing. The day started with a mixing of abilities and ages, helping encourage the youngsters in teams with more experienced sailors. A le-man start, followed by sailing a lap of a triangle course, a run around the grounds followed by another lap of the course and then to finish, just a few press-ups and sit ups!! Lots of new friendships made and some encouraging signs of enthusiasm for some of the younger sailors. Almost 50 members enjoyed lunch (and a tipple) on Scarness Beach (the island as Andrea calls it?). It was a tricky sail to the other side of the lake. Starting on a reach, beating in the middle then running almost to the end, where it was a beat again! Reuben said ‘it looks closer than it is’, after sailing across two-up with Oliver S, with the other Oliver S leading the way in a Tera. The parents either canoed, paddle boarded or climbed into the luxury of the pioneer.

Chris Pickles set some fine courses on Saturday, in a solid westerly gradient breeze possibly bumped up by a sea breeze. Chasing the sun and the massive temperature differences, those on the top hill gifted those less fortunate with a visit to the back field, only to realise they’ve been missing out all along.

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Sunday started with a small postponement as a new OD team was put in place 10 minutes before the start. Vice Commodore team of Ian and Andrea, helped by liz, stepped up and run some great racing in a punchy and chilly northerly. Jonathon was OD on Sunday in a shifting breeze, making it challenging to set a course.

Unfortunately the author was back in Manchester by then and has no idea what happened, but is sure it was fun!

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Paul Allen