Soggy Saturday

Torrential overnight rain faded late morning, as did the wind, but with only one potential competitor in attendance racing was cancelled for the day.

Sunday started in a similar way, dry after a wet night, and little wind, but with a few more sailors interested in racing.

A light breeze did fill in from the south, then faded as the OD went out to prepare a start line… Fortunately it came back again, then promptly eased shortly after the start. With mirrorlike conditions the OD was ready to shorten the race at the 2nd mark, only for the wind to fill from the W/NW, which held sufficiently for the fleet to complete two laps. Despite the change in direction, the course still had a run and beat in it, which gave cause to a few changes in position, including Robbie D taking the lead from Dave L, both in Solos. In the GPs, a nervous AJ was keen to stop whilst leading at the end of the first lap, but he held his position to beat James/Jenny.

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Though the wind was patchy, the fleet opted to hold the pennant race immediately after the first race. The start line was moved to suit the NW direction, which held with a few variations in strength throughout the race. Neil was trailing during the first lap, but took advantage of a major curve in the wind to take the lead which he held to the end, with Dave L a close 2nd.

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