Championship draws to a close

Having passed the autumnal equinox, and with the wind swinging to the north east, the air temperature had continued to drop, so when the sun that broke through it was welcome comfort.

There were 24 boats across three fleets competing in the final weekend series to conclude this year’s club championship. There was a light F1-2 with some mega shifts to contend with.

In the F15s Simon/Jon won both races, though in race 2 they had to work their way past Ian/Lezliann, who finished with two 2nds.

In the GPs Dave/Lynn continued with their winning form, with Alan/Sue and Val/Ken each securing a 2nd and a 3rd.

Joe wasn’t certain that being a boat length OCS at the committee boat end of the start line had been noticed until the X flag was raised, and horn sounded! Banter/Rory in a RS200 had a good lead in the first handicap race, but the fading wind on their last lap probably lost them several places. Mike/Jack in a Graduate took two wins, with Neil in a Solo, and Banter, each having a 2nd position.

Sunday was forecast to be significantly stronger, but mirror like conditions mid morning were ominous. However, we had it on good authority that there was a strong wind on the coast, and it duly made its way inland in time for racing, and it gradually increased throughout the day giving rise to some good planing conditions in the gusts.

Two races were held before the lunch break, with similar results to Saturday in the F15s and GPs, earning Simon/Jon and Dave/Lynn unassailable leads, the series’ trophies, and the opportunity to get into dry gear! After lunch, the remaining GPs raced, and AJ/Sue took a commanding lead which was almost lost to Val/Ken on the final beat. However, the overall positions after race 4 could not be changed.

The stronger winds suited Matt/Oliver in their Laser 2000, winning all three races, and the series trophy. Chris/Evie in a RS200 got a well earned 2nd and two 3rds, finishing 3rd overall behind Mike/Jack counting a 2nd and 4th.

In the slow handicap fleet, Phil/Lucy in a Mirror won the first race, and were leading the second one until their tiller broke. Alex/Sakia, also in a Mirror, won the series, with Archie in a Tera 2nd.

Final results