Laser/Solo/Streaker Open

The longer term forecast for this one day open was wet and windy which put off several competitors. However, our Bass micro climate defied the forecast in terms of wind strength at least which, generally, was a pleasant force 2-3. The light rain was persistent through the morning race though eased as the afternoon went on.

Racing was delayed when the first signal was as relentless as the rain! Disconnecting the switch from the horn didn’t help.. Some air horns were brought to the rescue along with the bar bell, and a whistle just in case.

When racing started, the winds seemed to be freshening, but it was not to be. They did fluctuate, and swing back and forth, from time to time, but it led to some exciting, close racing that continued throughout the day. There were a small number of capsizes, not that anyone ended up any wetter than they were already!

A three race series, with two results to count, meant that the competition carried through to the final race that would determine overall winners. Indeed, the final result was determined following two protests.

Streaker Winner Mike Fairlamb
Solo winner John Reekie
Laser winner Tim Keighley