Little Tinkers!

Yet again the forecast for the weekend is abysmal, and it seems to put off many regulars. Also, the visiting Tinker fleet was slightly reduced with just nine boats taking part. An early start for the Tinkers allowed them to ‘enjoy’ lighter, but shifty, winds due to the shady influence of Sale Fell. Even so, one Tinker did get caught out, and capsized. By the time club racing started the wind had swung to the forecast SSW direction, and had picked up considerably. The Tinkers opted not to race any further, leaving only four single handers to try their best to master the conditions. There were numerous capsizes by all. The lead boat (Tom Gosden?) led the fleet astray by taking them round an extra mark, not that it affected them sailing the proper course. Although Tom started the 2nd lap, he retired shortly afterwards, leaving Joe Watkins to sail the lap on his lonesome, as Jim Christie retired when his main started to slip down, and Peter Ballard limped across the finish line after just one lap after suffering numerous capsizes. So Joe leads, with Peter 2nd.

Although there was some (minute) interest in racing again, the OD opted to abandon racing for the day.

On Sunday morning the gusts were more vicious, though there were general lulls which seemed more sailable than Saturday. However there was a lack of enthusiasm to race. The Tinkers opted to pack up and called it a day. Club members trickled in, and overnight leaders Joe and Peter were not rushing to take to the water, even with Jim Christie getting changed and encouraging them to race! So racing was cancelled, and the overnight results stand for the series.