Night Jar 2

With white horses whipped up by the F5 Easterly wind an hour before the start it was not surprising that a good few prospective competitors selected not to launch. Only eight boats gathered in the starting area upwind of 0 to tackle the long beat to 4 and off wind legs 1 – A – 0.

There was some confusion when Code Flag 7 could not be found and the Flag Officer hoisted the AP Flag in its place (read your Racing Rules of Sailing if you don’t know the significance of this!). Several boats held back and Mike Fairlamb / Dave Lawson lost a significant amount of time.

John Reekie in the Skiff was enjoying the heavier conditions until he crashed in at the end of lap1. But he still let the fleet on righting the boat. It was good to see Phil and Emma Davenport back out together in their 400 and they were next through ahead of the GP of John Riley / Nigel Lewis.

The OD allowed the majority of boats to do three laps but shortened for Ethan Dawson’s Radial and Ian Hall’s Solo.

Results show John Riley / Nigel Lewis as race winners in both PH and FH categories. Ethan Dawson was second in the former and John Reekie in the latter.

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