One of the Boys!

With racing cancelled for the day, several of the ‘boys’ opted to go out for a trash around in the club toppers. Of course Toggle isn’t one to miss out on the action and he prepped up to go out. His boat capsized while it was on the trailer! The others made the most of the weather. The first capsize happened when the helm fell, or was washed, out of the back of the boat.

Having gone out for a sail, they certainly made the most of it, and are now all suitable shattered after numerous capsizes, some caused by their opponents, whether it by T-boning each other, or tugging at someone else’s main to unclip the mainsheet, but many just the general conditions.

The weather wasn’t going to stop the Russians who were visiting the area, and had arranged a tour of the SSSI parts of the lake. It was Shunty that took them out in The Bates, but we’re not too certain whether he brought them all back as the boat certainly seemed to have more gaps when it returned!