Saturday Racing

Is the weather really against us this season?

As sailors arrived for the afternoon race, the rain was torrential with sleet in it (again!). The rain did fade, but so did the wind. The first race in the Celebrity Glass Pursuit was cancelled, but boats did go out for the second race, though the wind could not settle down to a specific direction. The rain came back, though not as heavy, but it was again cold for sailors as the committee boat had to be resited following a late 180 degree wind shift!

Racing got underway at 4.30, the first lap was reasonably steady winds, the second started to shift, and the final lap for the mirrors and leading handicap boats was horrendous! Fortunately the OD that had allowed the third lap to be started was obliged to wait while the various boats completed it! 🙂 However, the sun did shine for a while just to add to the confused weather! Shunty and Ruth found it a struggle to round 9 when they were head to wind with the gennaker up, and ended up hitting the mark, and letting William and Elaine through, as well as Scumper in his laser. He fought back, and in the dreaded final lap Shunty took the lead again only to lose it to William on the last leg but one. However, Scumper had caught up so much in the fickle winds that he won on handicap