Snow Joke

The overnight weather brought a covering of snow to the surrounding hills. The forecast was for snow, and it was correct! After a frosty night many helms found sheets and control lines frozen, some ice in sails, and worst of all frozen sailing gloves! The fleet endured several snow showers before and during the race, and at times it seemed as if it would be possible to make snowballs from the snow laying in the boats.

The wind had picked up from the gloriously mirror like scenes that were spotted in early morning, and it is forecast to increase further. There seemed to be two airs, one from the north and another from the north east which battled it out and left the sailors trying to work out when the wind would change direction again. William and Kayla (in her wet shorts – brrrrhhh!!) were the only RS400 out and led the remainder of the asymmetrics in a new series this year. However, he could not break away far enough from the RS200s to win, and they came third behind Robbie D with Ethan, and Joan and Jack Hardie. Sam Hall comfortably won the MJM race from Lewis Tyson.

Toggle became a talking point again when he capsized coming in to shore, while Eric Smith broadsided a rescue boat with the Bates coming in to the jetty (forwards to accelerate/backwards to slow – not much difference is there?!)

The wind filled in for the afternoon racing, leading to a few spills by the single handers – Sam Hall, Toggle, and new member Paul Clark. In many ways the afternoon was a repeat of the morning results wise – William maintained the lead but again failed to take sufficient ground to beat Robbie D or Joan Hardie, while Sam Hall stormed away from the MJM fleet, and Toggle did another capsize for the spectators as he lifted his rudder coming ashore.