Saturday Southerly

With a S/SE breeze the OD considered sending the fleet of 29 boats part way down the lake, fortunately, his mind was changed because, soon after the racing started, the wind eased. Boats did keep moving throughout the afternoon’s races, but it seemed touch and go at times!

There were two attempts at having the first F15 fleet start in two years. Unfortunately, Ian/Archie had gear problems before the first race so did not start. All ready for the second race, their timing was a bit awry, leaving Graham/Eric to get a clean start. After trailing around the full course, it was on the final short beat to the finish that Ian pulled one out of the bag to beat Graham!

John/Jack had timing issues in the first race, and had to return after being OCS at the start. They did not hold back though, and went on to win, with AJ/Sue 2nd. In the following race, a triumphant AJ promised to buy everyone a drink, and James/Jenny were 2nd.

In the slow handicap fleet, Oliver was in his Optimist, and with a little help from Bean in his Mirror, completed his first(?) race! Next race Oliver was back crewing in the Mirror, and they were leading, but went around the final mark the wrong way. By the time they had unwound their mistake, Andy/Lily had passed them, and Bean slipped into 2nd place. Andy had won the first race too, with John Reekie in a Mirror 2nd. It was the Teras that shared 3rd places, Katia, in the first race, and Matty in the second.

Conditions didn’t really suit the handicap fleet, and positions changed dramatically. Scumper won the first, with Robbie D 2nd, and Graham in his F15 3rd, while the Solos took control of the next race, with Robbie D winning, Neil 2nd, and Rory 3rd.

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Sunday morning seemed to be confound expectations as the rain had passed through and there was a steady breeze from the SE again.

Angus/Mike in a F15 led the handicap fleet, but rounding the leeward mark the wrong way was to be their downfall, especially as they failed to unwind correctly! With the wind easing, to extend the race length slightly, the finish line was moved up to the windward mark, only for the wind to fade even more! OD Simon determined it had been a karabatic wind that the fleet had enjoyed before fading to forecast levels.

So after a very slow final leg, and the rain moving in, the fleet headed ashore. Although the burgees had swung to the west, there seemed little prospect of the wind filing in, so the second race was cancelled.

In the GPs, AJ/Sue with another win, and Dave/Sarah 2nd, now lead the series. Joan/Jack in their Graduate took the lead to win in the handicap fleet from Neil in his Solo, while Bean/Lucy won in the slow handicap, with Katia 2nd, and present leader of the series.

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