Showery Sunday

Saturday’s sun was hidden behind the clouds, but the wind continued to blow, although more from the SSW so Sale Fell had its frustrating effect on various legs of the course.

In the handicap fleet, another general recall was to test Herb’s resolve. Steve/Ruth made good use of the spinnaker legs and pulled out a lead sufficient to beat Ethan/Robin by over 30 secs, with Scumper 3rd. Fresh back to sailing after their wedding, Phil and Emma Davenport lost no love on the water, as Phil was all out to win and beat Emma on handicap. After lunch, a heavy rain shower cleared, the sun came out and the wind freshened – was that the excuse Phil needed to let Emma get even, as he promptly capsized, and Toggle followed shortly after. That wouldn’t be Phil’s last capsize as he was caught out on the final run before the finish, got stuck in the mud and promptly started to swim the boat round into the wind. After a little help from the rescue team, he got back in the boat and sailed through to get a finish, though Emma had passed him without a second thought (though she was probably just relieved to be finishing). The stronger winds suited Scumper who finished 1st on handicap, with Steve 2nd. However, with three wins, Steve took the series trophy.

In the F15s, Simon was hassled by Mike on the start line, but broke away and won. Simon clearly opted to get his own back in the afternoon, and there was more banter (or is that being polite?) even before the start, with a couple of collisions, protest flags were raised, and turns were done before they eventually crossed the startline with Simon in Mike’s shadow. Simon later took the lead and won the race and the series.

In the GPs Mike/Eric led the fleet, but could not shake off Val/Ken who gave them a good race. With two 1sts and a 2nd Mike was in a strong position going into the last race, and although he took an early lead he slipped back lap by lap. Hugh/Rachael sailed well and won the race with Val 2nd. This was enough to secure the series for Mike.

Sunny Saturday

Sunshine and a good southerly breeze greeted sailors for the final weekend series of the season.

The first race took the fleet half way down the lake to 10 before reaching back to the club house. On the run back down, Steve/Ruth in their Merlin were close on Neil/Judith’s tail in their RS400, and they went on to win the race on handicap. Ethan was again helming the RS200 with dad Robin helming, and he finished 3rd overall.

The handicap fleet were too keen for the start in the second race causing a general recall. Steve again showed Neil a clean pair of heels, and despite trawling the spinnaker for a short while, took another 1st and overnight lead.

Mike/Kayla held off Simon/Jon in the F15s in the first race, but the tables were turned in the second race after Simon opted to cover Mike even before the race started.

In the GPs, Val/Ken sailed well taking the first race from Mike/Eric. The second race was being led by Hugh/Rachael, but a tight spinnaker reach caused a few problems as they tried to take it down, enabling Mike and Val to break through. Hugh did get back through to 2nd but slipped to 3rd by the finish. Mike and Val each have a 1st and 2nd overnight.

The Mirrors only sailed the first race. Mik’s tactic of increasing his mast rake worked a treat and he had a big lead on Alan Waugh by the time they reached 10, and Mik held the lead through to the finish.