Bank Holiday Monday

Good gusting winds had been forecast again, and it was blowing on the coast, but never made its way through to the lake in our micro climate. That said, there was plenty of wind to race in and the fleets had some good racing.

A problem with the air horns made them sound somewhat feeble, and several thought that certain bodily noises could have been louder! It’s just as well everyone is used to taking their signals from the flags (Not!). Scumper changed boats  for the third time, and tried out a Vago single handedly securing a 2nd place behind Steve/Ruth in the Merlin. Toggle, in his Vareo, came 3rd.

Neil Platt/Ian Smith had a clear race in the F15 to take another first and the series. Mike/Phil Davenport were 2nd and Jon/Robbie Denwood 3rd.

Dave/Lynn Lawson won the GPs and the series, leaving Val/Ken Bell to battle with Paul/Vicky Bowmer, though it was Paul that came in 2nd with Val 3rd. Vice-commodore Andy Smith sailed with three young girls hoping that his result could be shared with them by halving his position, but it was not to be!

With no Mirrors racing, the Mirror Mug was won by OD John Telford. Similarly in the Toppers, no more competitors meant that Robbie D won the Topper E series!

In the afternoon the wind freshened slightly, but there were only a couple of capsizes – Robbie D in his Skiff before the start, and Scumper in the Vago, although he quickly recovered.

Steve/Ruth had another win, earning them the August Trophy, and Toggle’s 2nd secured him 2nd overall from Scumper in 3rd (who was on equal points).

In the F15s Jon/Robbie Denwood gave Neil Platt a run for his money, passing him twice off wind, but Neil broke back through and secured his 4th win, with Jon 2nd, and Mike 3rd which was enough for Mike to come 2nd in the series.

In the GPs, Val/Ken lost their battle with Paul/Vicky but finished 2nd in the series, with Paul/Vicky 3rd.