The forecast was for a north easterly and that’s what came through, and it freshened as the morning went on. There were comments that the wind was shifty, and that seemed to help keep the racing tight, but it was all to the good and everyone enjoyed the sail. A couple of boats from the youth squad capsized, but quickly righted themselves.

The afternoon race was the Banana Stakes, typically sailed around the lake. Due to the lighter winds the course just went as far as mark 10, but the NE winds resulted in a lack of a beat and the fleets kept close together. In addition, it was held on a personal handicap basis. Although Neil Garrison sailed well away in his Dart, it was to be Julian and Robert Cruikshank that took the honours. Robbie D tried his hand in Ethan’s Topper (with a full rig though) and he was well and truly stuffed!

The race counted towards Sandra’s Salver, and it seems that both the main contenders for this year’s award are suffering from back problems! Having survived yesterday’s sail without too much extra pain, Elaine made a special effort to sail the race as she has been lying low from sailing for a couple of months due to back pain. Her main contender, Sue Watson unfortunately hurt her back on Sunday morning before going out with Mike Turner. She was all dressed for sailing but unable to get on the water. So it will be down to the wire – one more pennant to race and all to sail for if they can make it!