Taking the Mick?!

On Saturday it was a glorious afternoon. The high pressure system removed the clouds, but took the wind too 🙁

There was a gentle breeze to push the fleet around, but it was much less that we’ve been used to all season

OD Mike Moore may have been a little flustered after his drive up to the club as he was held up in traffic queues for 45 mins. Is that any reason to set a course that had everyone’s head (well boat) spinning? Or was it colour blindness? Perhaps it may just be a little dementia now that he’s hit that magic time of life?! Out of the six marks in the course, four marks were set to be looped rather than just rounded. As the race was a pursuit, it was unfortunate that the error was noticed after the first boat was well up the first reach – yes reach, as the wind was split and coming from two directions to make life interesting, or should that be challenging? The looping of the marks caught out Andy Smith and Joe Roberts, both sailing their Moths, and they were disqualified. Despite being over the line and rerounding, Steve and Ruth worked their way to the front of the fleet to win the race. William and Elaine were neck and neck with Mik on the finish line but could not quite get past him. However, their third position was sufficient to secure the series.

In the second race, part of a long championship series, the shore created shadows across the course from time to time, but Robbie D and Becky held a strong enough lead to win on handicap. Alan Nicholson did well to finish second and beat Steve by just 17secs. The series continues in the morning.