Weekend Update

The lake level was high yet again, clearly there had bee a substantial amount of rain through the week – perhaps why it stayed relatively dry over the weekend?!

Another weekend series was held this weekend and concluded in a breeze that seemed to increase as the day went along. Although there were only 8 takers in the last race, at one stage four of the boats were capsized! Mik Chappell saw what the wind was doing and opted to take down his sails before he became a statistic for the afternoon. With the series already won by the last race, Robbie D and Scumper did not race, which left Toggle with the chance to better his overall position. He secured a vital first, giving him third overall and moving him up the championship one place to fourth.

Zefer was getting to grips with his new acquisition, a Moth, and as with Andy Smith, the capsize technique was being well rehearsed! Apparently, making use of his spare afternoon, Scumper had a go too, but reckons he didn’t tip it in quite as often (but then he has had a lot of practice over the years!)