Not as muggy as Saturday, but certainly a lot sunnier 🙂 The light airs struggled to fill in, but when the OD went out and set a line, Herb started to get frustrated when the boats on the shore with sails up made no effort to move to the start line. Robbie D checked what was happening on the radios only to be told that the line was set and everyone had to get on the water NOW! Well Herb did reckon they’d been waiting 45 mins. So the boats that were ready went out and others followed only to find Herb wasn’t waiting any longer, so Scumper, Toggle, and William gave the rest of the fleet about 6 mins start. Robbie D and Ethan took an early lead and their only competition was Roy Blackburn with Lewis Tyson. The light breeze did hold, and it looked promising for the afternoon race around the lake.

Not sure what is it about water from the sky (rain), but sailors seem to avoid it where possible. So when it came down torrentially everyone huddled in the foyer waiting for it to pass over, which it did after 15mins or so. However, it had killed the wind so racing didn’t seem to be too enticing. About half an hour after the start the wind filled in from the south and boats were able to do some planing. Alan Nicholson christened his new Solo with his first capsize of the season.

NB Separate report for Youth racing on Youth Squad pages