Another new member has been born in the shape of George Alfred a son to Roy and Cath, who weighed in at 8lb 1oz at 10:18 on Saturday morning. All doing well

Meanwhile back on the water, the north east breeze resulted in the OD and Herb freezing their little socks off on the committee boat as the fleets sailed around the courses in moderate airs. Scumper and Ruth led the handicap fleet to take two firsts from Mike Moore and Kayla. William and Elaine came in third each time. John and Janis Halliday retired from the first race following a capsize at the 2nd to last mark. Trevor Craig suffered a capsize as well. Some reckoned it was warmer in the water than out of it!

Toddy had a good first race in the mirrors and beat Mik. In the second race he was close to Mik until he had a problem taking down his kite at a leeward mark, allowing Mik to romp home to victory.

In the GPs Mike Fairlamb and Eric Smith had two victories. Mike Turner and Sue Watson came a valiant second in front of Nigel Lewis, but the increasing winds meant they called it a day and they quit while they were ahead.