Sunday Sailing

As forecast, the day has been dry and started with a bit of wind.

The youth squad ventured down the lake for a picnic while racing for the MJM Trophy and Asymmetric Cup took place in the north end. The RS200s made the most of the winds in the asymmetrics’ windward leeward course with Andy and Emma taking pole position again

Mike Moore and Kayla broke away from the lasers when the wind picked up on the bottom reach of their course, to win the race.

The afternoon breeze was topped up by the sea breeze. Mike Moore was admiring the coxless fours (well they were female!) practising on the lake, and declined to gybe when perhaps he should have done. He must have bought the OD an extra drink at lunchtime as he was asked whether he wanted to sail another lap, and opted to sail it (Kayla suggested that this was because he wanted to check out the rowers’ biceps again), only to find, to his surprise, it was his fastest lap and it helped him secure another first in the series ahead of Ian Macpherson.

The RS200s, led by Andy, again came to the fore despite the strengthening winds helping William in his RS400 break away from the fleet a bit more. Toggle was doing very well after the first lap and rounded just behind William but ahead of the 200s, however, a capsize on the following run lost him some precious ground, but he still finished 3rd overall. Stephen Kirkpatrick and Lucy Cowan in a Vago had a little more capsize practice but may have been relieved to finish just as the race was shortened for the lead boat.

The youth squad had an enjoyable picnic down the lake, but returned in to the main bay as the wind had picked up. The chat in the changing room (not that I was listening) was with much glee about the number of capsizes that each had had. One had lost count. Another had dry capsizes and kept his hair dry (or was he just careful in the shower?!). A successful event which will no doubt be repeated. Thanks to Rhonwen and her team for organising it.

PS Congratulations to Kirstie Somerville who celebrated her 30th birthday!