Sunday Sun

It looked like we could have been waiting for the wind for a while this morning. At least we had a glorious view while we’re waiting though 🙂

Unexpectedly the wind did fill in enough to get racing underway by 12 Noon, but it was never forecast to be exciting! Robbie D had extra lightweight crew Ethan and he stormed away from the rest of the handicap fleet, while Phil and Naomi kept the rest of the fleet at bay – including the RS400s! Dave and Lynn were left on their own when Mike and Sue retired in the GP fleet, and Toddy secured another win in the Mirrors.

The afternoon race was a pennant in aid of the Calvert Trust, although the wind had eased over the lunch break it came back in time for a race down to 10 and back. Steve and Ruth broke away, but William and Elaine were not so lucky and stayed entangled with the GP, F15, and Vareos, and were beaten on the water by Mike Moore with Lewis Tyson crewing. On a personal handicap basis, Jonathan Coulthard in a Topaz won the race from Mik Chappell and John Prestidge in a F15

This week the Thursday evening sailing starts – with weather like this what better way is there to wind down after a hard day at work?

Sunny Saturday

Another glorious day, but the wind was a little reluctant to settle down. As ever, it did swing to various legs more challenging. The first race was a pursuit, Neil and Judith had been vying for the lead with Steve, but the winds worked against them and William sneaked through too. David Calvert held the lead until the last beat, when Steve Hunt broke through to the lead.

The following race formed part of a long series – Steve was in a spin after rounding a mark the wrong way – he unwound (well partly!) and came back through to win from Neil. Tim Chittenden and Ian Macpherson beat Mik Chappell and John Prestidge in the F15s, Toddy beat Alan Waugh in the Mirrors – Mik may be back in contention soon as he is due to pick up his replacement Mirror