A bit of a quiet evening by all accounts – the breezy forecast presumably put a few competitors off sailing in the crews/ladies/junior/seniors race which mark the last sailing Thursday before Bass Week. Looking at the timings, Val Bell had a magnificent race in her Solo as the others took 50% longer on corrected time

Clearly the results didn’t tell the full story which has been padded out by Mik.

Well Ladies’, Crews, etc evening was wild & wolly (try wooly!) again with low number of finishers reflecting dngo (Did not go out), dns, dnf galore. Tim Knowles set an interesting course 0 – 1 – B – YZ with YZ crossed in both directions but it worked ok. 99 laps – felt like it! Alan Nic had a mega capsize before start being brought in by Scott – Andy & Scumper rescuing Solo. Val actually fell out of other Solo. Lynne chickened out before start and Dave lapped everyone 10(?) times – thought he had better not cross finish line as he would be classed as a lady – was not eligible for anything else. John Crosbie had super start but capsized on first beat & Jack H came in looking like a drowned rat – Joan looked sheepish! Nic was helming Ken’s boat but don’t know why they didn’t get a Seniors finish. Susie got into a death roll and handed over to Mike T in the middle of it so they qualified for everything (well almost) and nothing. I hit final mark of race trying to avoid Val and the 360 seemed to take an age (thought I’d better do as Peanuts might have seen it). All finished off with a chinky from galley.