Weekend Sailing 9/10 June

This weekend’s championship series got off to a great start with a steady westerly breeze which gave rise to some good planing conditions. Simon/Jon led the way in the F15s in both races with Mike/Kayla chasing and Ian/Lezli-Ann challenging from time to time. While Ian managed to hit his head (yet again) before racing, an unexpected gybe when sailing by the lee, didn’t do Lezli-Ann’s back any favours.

Ethan had a keen start in the first Topper race, leaving Harry in irons on the start line. He did give Harry a chance to catch up when he went round the wrong mark and then had to back track for several hundred yards. However, he kept his lead and won the race. A few too many capsizes by Harry slowed him down but he finished the race before returning to shore somewhat tired.

In the handicap fleet, the Vareos led the fleet, though Tim/Martin, with no competition in the GPs, sailed well finishing 2nd behind Robbie D in the 1st race and winning the 2nd race with Ian Macpherson 2nd. In the 2nd race, the wind freshened and Robbie D had to work hard to beat Banter Phil who was sailing well in the conditions, though Robin made the most of Banter Phil’s mistakes, and capsizes, to regain the lead after losing out on the beats.

Early Sunday morning there was little breeze on the lake, and the forecast was somewhat ominous, but by the time racing started there was a light westerly to power the fleet around the course. However, that was not to be until there had been various dramas on the shore. One Ian poked his eye and went off to casualty while another needed an urgent intake of Mars bars, but that caused Elaine to pull a muscle rushing for it! At least that was three events in a row.

Whether that put Ian off it can’t be certain, but he wasn’t able to put up a strong fight against Mike/Kayla who took two firsts and the series trophy.

As there were three GPs, but not enough to race yesterday, the Commodore’s Prize would was be based on two races. Nigel and his new crew had some close racing with Alan/Sue and they each had a win, but as Alan won the 2nd race the tie was split in his favour and he won the series.

There was a good turnout in the handicap fleet, and the lighter airs suited Robbie D a lot more than on Saturday such that he won both races on the water, but the conditions suited Joan/Jack in their RS200 more as they won both races on handicap. However, as Joan had only sailed two races, Robin’s 2nd places were sufficient to secure him the series trophy.