Weekend Update

Last weekend started with the fifth round of the Celebrity Glass Pursuit Series where the boats with the slowest handicap start first and the remainder at designated intervals behind them. The race was scheduled to be seventy minutes in length and, after an hour, the Mirror of Mik Chappell which had been first away still led. He had high hopes of winning the event but it was not to be as the Laser of Jim Christie swept past just before the allotted time to be declared winner. The Byte of Joe Watkins would also have passed the Mirror but a bad rounding of the final mark left him a few lengths adrift and in third place.

Two long series races followed and it was, again, Jim Christie who was dominant moving into the lead in the Handicap fleet’s Skiddaw Trophy series. Eric Smith sailing with Ruth Critchley in a GP14 were second in race one but did not contest the second round allowing Dave Lawson sailing a borrowed Solo to move into a series second place. The Mirrors only sailed one race and Dave Todhunter took the lead in the Bates series after winning an extremely close contest with Mik Chappell. The race officer reckoned that it was only seeing the bow of Dave’s bright red boat ahead of the black one of his opponent that allowed him to be certain of the finishing order!

The final race of the weekend was the Jubilee Sailing Trust Pennant which was won by Dave Lawson from Joe Watkins. The award for the first lady crew went to Sue Watson allowing her to move into a joint lead with Elaine Hunt for the Sandra’s Salver trophy.

The popular Thursday evening Night Jar series has restarted restoring the mid week after-race meal and social atmosphere. It is called, innovatively Night Jar B! Victory in this initial round went to Mike Turner with Sue Watson crewing after the Laser 2000 of Steve Peck / Simon Smith and the Enterprise of Carl Arthur / Neil Garrison retired when well placed.