What a difference a day makes!

After the damp miserable race yesterday, the sun is shining, the wind filled in and there has bee a great turnout of boats for the two day weekend series.

Robbie D led the handicap fleet in his Skiff, until he capsized at least! Neil and Judith Currie took the lead in their RS400 and went on to win, beating Mr and Mrs Bean by 1sec.

In the F15s, Simon Longstaff and Jon Denwood led the fleet, with Graham Kirkpatrick and Alan Smith coming second.

Andy and Rob Smith gave Dave and Lynn Lawson a good race in the GPs.

The afternoon race proved even better sailing as the wind freshened with the sea breeze – that doesn’t mean to say it wasn’t challenging! Robbie D stuffed his chances with a major capsize before the start which had him stuck in the mud as the race started. He did work his way back up the fleet of 22 boats but tipped in again at the penultimate mark.

Simon and Jon again won the F15s with Mike and Sally taking second place.

Andy and Dave again had some close racing with Dave winning and taking overnight lead.

In the Mirrors the Commodore was giving Mik a good race, and there was a bit of to-ing and fro-ing though Stephen did win the race.

Sunday greeted everyone with another bright morning, the forecast Northerly appeared, though it seemed to fight with other forces at times! – perhaps the reason why those, led by Mr and Mrs Bean, that took the right hand side of the course had a good lead at the end of the first beat. However, it didn’t end there, the breeze came through in pockets, and from differing directions, and there were various position changes depending on who was in the right place at the right time. One notable gain being that of Graham and Alan in their F15 taking the lead from Simon and Jon when the wind filled in from behind on a run in the final 10 mins of the race.

The afternoon breeze settled in (in a fashion) and the OD set a course with a short lap incorporating a tight spinnaker reach which proved challenging for some crews.

Mr and Mrs Bean having won the handicap fleet series, did not compete, but Scumper won the race from Steve and Ruth to take 2nd and 4th respectively.

Although Graham and Alan took the lead in the F15s, their chances of winning the series were scuppered when they had to do turns. Mike and Sally took their first win of the weekend in the F15s finishing 3rd overall. The series was won by Simon and Jon with Graham and Alan 2nd.

Dave and Lynn again had some close racing with Andy and Rob in the GPs, but carried home another win and the series trophy.

In the Mirrors, John Telford secured his second win of the day and, as there were only three races sailed, the series trophy with Commodore Stephen Kirkpatrick coming second.

What a lovely way to enjoy a bank holiday, which was topped off with the with the annual egg dump postponed from yesterday. With 64 eggs across numerous contestants, there was the usual banter amongst those playing, not quite tears shed, but nearly! Match recorder Dave Lawson somehow managed to have two eggs in the semi final, guaranteeing him at least one place in the final which was to be against visitor Erin Daniels who took the lion’s share of the winnings!

With a total of 41 entrants in the various series, it has been a busy and testing weekend on the water.