What a let down!

Great weather through the week, great forecast for Easter, wonderful sun and wind on Good Friday, and what happens as we get to Easter Saturday? The cloud//mist comes in, the temperature drops, and it starts spitting! Fortunately the cloud seemed to bring some wind with it.

Racing was delayed due to the first general recall of the season, but after the first lap, which took about half an hour for the lading boats, the wind faded and the rain increased.It was to take the lead handicap boats more than 50 mins to complete the second lap, and other fleets got off a little lighter as they were able to finish after 1.5 laps! An unusual leader in the F15 series is Graham Kirkpatrick and Alan Smith. Mr and Mrs Bean won the handicap race in their RS200 from Mik Chappell in his his Mirror, but Scumper still has overall lead in the series. Dave and Lynn Lawson won the GP race to take the lead in the Mustard Pot.

The longish race and poor winds, led to the abandonment of the second race of the day. Early to the bar before the bring and eat social in the clubhouse.