What a way to go!

The forecast for the day implied that sailing might have been over for the season before any happy sailors turned up, but surprisingly the conditions were quite enticing – sunshine and a decent WNW breeze.

Seven boats made it to the start line for the final race of the season which turned out to have a good mix of reaches to blow the cobwebs away. The sun was swept away later by some black clouds that brought in more wind and dumped a little rain on the sailors.

William and Elaine broke away and made good use of various gusts to get sufficient lead to win on handicap. Jim Christie sailed well again, but as the wind picked up for the final 10 mins of the race there were several calamities of which Jim had one – unable to to run to the final leeward mark he reached and gybed several times but was caught out on the final gybe and capsized, but was soon upright and finished 2nd on handicap. Alan Nicholson had been the first to capsize at a gybe mark and was helped up only to turn turtle later in the squall that was passing through. Neil Garrison sailing his wayfarer single handed was caught out just after finishing, and capsized. He was helped ashore with a tow from the rescue crews. There was some uncertainty as to the adequacy of his boat’s buoyancy – at least he has all the close season to get it sorted! Jo Watkins was another to capsize in the squall but finished safely. Mike Turner and Sue Watson finished but then took their sails down to avoid ending their season with a capsize

Alan Waugh sailed well to finish third on handicap.

Apart from the final 10 mins or so, there had been some good sailing for the final race, and all were pleased to have made the effort. There was a close finish to the series, with William and Jim on equal points, but William’s couple of firsts split the tie in his favour, and he won the Winter Trophy presented by his parents many years ago.