Whit Bank Holiday

A forecast of high winds and strong gusts seemed to be dampened down by rain sufficiently to enable the racing programme to proceed as planned.

The first race was a pursuit in the Celebrity Glass Trophy series. Despite the wind easing, there were some good gusts to create planing conditions. Mark Ninnim tried his hand in a GP with Andy Smith, but throwing his weight around the boat during tacks proved not to be a successful technique! Emma Williams went out in her Laser, but a capsize early up the first beat brought her race to an early conclusion. Alex and Olivia had problems with their 29er mast, taking them out of the race too! Although Steve Hunt in his Solo held off the GPs for a while, Dave and Lynn broke through to the lead and strengthened it to the end of the race. Scumper was 2nd, and Steve Hunt 3rd.

During a short break between races, Tim Chittenden took the opportunity to find a crew so that he could dump his Laser in favour of a boat with more ballast for the conditions (a keel, not Sally!). Alex was also able to use the time to borrow Robbie D’s Skiff for the following race. Also, Neil Garrison rigged his Dart to give new member Julian Asker, who has a Dart, some direct competition.

There were again some strong gusts passing through – Scumper capsized a couple of times, on one occasion being dragged along by his boat. Toggle did get through, but a later capsize enabled Scumper to get back through. Alex seemed to be practising his capsize technique in the Skiff. Alan Jones managed to lasso the leeward mark then got his tiller extension caught through the mooring chains (but he didn’t capsize!).  Neil Garrison finished first on the water, but it was Steve Hunt in his Solo that won, with Robbie D/Ethan in an RS200 2nd.

Alastair and Claire Duncan tried their best in a GP, but despite tacking round at a gybe mark, none wrong move and they too capsized!. Dave and Lynn again showed the way in the GPs with Mark/Andy 2nd and Mike Fairlamb 3rd.

In the F15s, some mistiming by Mike/Kayla gave Tim/Sally a head start, but although it took a couple of laps to get it right, Mike did break through to win the race.

Will the high winds forecast for today be accurate?!