A windy and wet start proved to be very off-putting for potential sailors. However, the wind did ease, and the world was a different place when the sun came out!

Ten boats ventured out to the start, but they were not all going to finish!

In the Asymmetric Cup, William and Lezli-Ann led the way in an RS400 until the 4th lap when a squall was passing through and a cleated jib resulted in a capsize. Toggle, who had retired from the race, was in a safety boat and came to their rescue. Until that stage they had probably stayed ahead of Scumper due to his numerous capsizes.

Keith Thomas/Kayla sailed well to pass Tim Chittenden/Sally, and win the MJM race on handicap. Mark Ninnim/Emma Smith in an Enterprise had a good race finishing 3rd with Steve Hunt in his Solo 4th.

During the lunch break the sun shone, but it highlighted the tops of the waves breaking as the wind blew away from the clubhouse! There was clearly more wind about again.

On the way out to the start, one gust took out four boats, and there would be numerous capsizes later on two.

Only Scumper and Toggle started the Asymmetric race, and again Scumper was the only one to finish.

In the MJM race, the F15s led the way – initially by Tim/Sally, but Keith/Kayla found form again and took the lead through to the end of the race. However, they couldn’t shake off Mark/Emma in an Enterprise, who having stayed upright all day, won the race on fleet handicap by 150secs. The race lasted an hour, and the crews of the first three boats were all ladies – Emma, Kayla & Sally. Bet they love OD Mike Moore for allowing the race to go on for so long in such winds.

Tomorrow the winds should ease, but no doubt it will be so light  everyone could be praying for wind!