A Race to Forget?

Light winds, and drizzle greeted sailors today, and the direction was likely to be challenging as it was blowing from S but forecast from SW – Sale Fell would have its effect on proceedings, especially as OD Mike Moore opted to send the fleet around the lake.

A start on time was a novelty and caught all but five helms out, but that was not to be the end for anyone late for the start. After 30 mins the lead boats were lolling around at Scarness as the rest of the fleet came up from behind. Some of the leading GPs had to ask the course! Robbie D and Ethan in an RS200 again, opted for the western shore, and started to gather a good lead while Dave Lawson and Andy Smith in GPs took the eastern shore. William played the eastern shore too, then took a more direct route up the middle to 13, and was able to lead the fleet around the leeward mark, though after 66mins, with lots of other fleets on his tail, a miracle would be requred to break away. The wind did fill in on the bottom leg to 12 to enable some planing, but it was not to last. Heading back up to 14 the wind eased under the shadow of Sale Fell. It did not increase too much on the next leg to 10, before easing to another drifter. Fortunately the OD had done a reckie to check the winds on the next long leg to 3 – as there was not much, he shortened at 10. William/Lezli-Ann did finish first on the water seconds ahead of Dave/Lynn, but with the fleet so bunched up he finished 16th on handicap! Steve Hunt in his Solo took the honours, with Dave/Lynn 2nd.

By the time the afternoon race was held, the wind had settled down from the SW, and there were various gusts passing through to benefit, or catch out, helms. With a short first beat, and Toggle blocking his route, William/Lezli-Ann had to duck behind various boats at the windward mark, giving him the challenge of passing Robin/Ethan. Although he did this by the end of the first lap, the fleet were closely bunched again and he didn’t break away by enough to secure a decent position. Robin/Ethan had a good race, but Rory Yardley did get through too. Dave/Lynn were not far behind, and they won the race, Robin 2nd and Rory 3rd.

Toggle struggled with one gusty gybe and capsized. Andy Smith trawled his spinnaker and was amazed to finish 4th. All in all, the afternoon race saved the OD’s bacon!

Overall, Dave/Lynn won the Paul Carruthers Memorial Trophy, with Andy/Rob 2nd and Robin/Ethan 3rd