Where’s the Summer Gone?

The weekend after Bass Week typically has a dearth of sailors, so on Saturday the Lakeland triathlon was operated from the club with approx 350 competitors split over short and long courses. Grey, overcast weather was accompanied by winds that whipped up a few waves for the swimming part of the competition, and making the cycling and running more challenging into various head winds.… Read full article “Where’s the Summer Gone?”

Night Jar 14

Although it was blowy in coastal and North Cumbria area, Bass’ micro-climate came up with ideal conditions.

Only 7 boats started, probably due to the forecast and Bassweek exhaustion.

The figure of eight course 0-9-1-A gave three spinnaker legs.  But 9-1 was really too tight for a kite, only Val and Ken persevering with it after the first lap.… Read full article “Night Jar 14”