Bonjour, Bonjour

That is the message from Cecile and Marie who have popped back across to see some friends this weekend. As ever, they were spotted in a local hostelry, busy celebrating in their usual way – with a pint in their hands!

The forecast was for 21mph winds, gusting 37mph – would it come true?

As the winds had been light during the morning training session it was much to everyone’s surprise that the wind did pick up substantially, though not to forecast levels, and there were many spills and thrills – Could it have been the commodore with the highest capsize tally? Just as well he didn’t invest in a new burgee as it wouldn’t have lasted the race!

Racing was delayed while a stand-in OD was arranged – the rescue crews! The line was set for them, together with the course, and all they had to do was start it. Shame they didn’t realise that it was championship racing as they only started one fleet. Not to worry, most of the sailors knew what to do.

The wind picked up as the afternoon passed, and with it coming from the South West, Sale Fell did its very best to cause havoc with holes, and down draughts, for the sailors to contend with. The gybe mark was the down fall for many.

Scumper and Robbie D led the way in the handicap fleet with William and Kayla securing second place. Jose and Ginge won the GPs, while Mik won the Mirrors, although Alan Waugh did take the lead at one stage to give Mik a run for his money.

After a gap of three weeks for some sailors, the going proved tough work, though apparently there were some masochists out there too – Bridget kicked her leg (the proof was in the tread of her boot!), while Ruth had a similar graze on her leg (probably caused during one of Shunty’s various capsizes!)

Kayla was warned that if she saw something sticking out of William’s shorts it was only his tiller extension, which seemed to tuck under there all too often!

The met office recorded wind for Saturday peaked at 10mph – clearly Bass continues to ‘benefit’ from its own microclimate. The forecast for Sunday is more wind – will another day’s sailing be lost?