Sunday Racing

Following the Open meetings for Lasers and Solos on Saturday, Club racing returned to Bass on Sunday albeit following a 90 minute delay due to the refusal of any wind to turn up.

The first race was the initial round in a new Long Series of class racing. Neil and Judith were on the Bates and, as there was no FF start, decided to combine the two handicap starts and set a simple triangle O-A-B in case the wind died again. Well it didn’t, but was alternating through virtually every point on the compass and filling in and dying at various legs of the course.

Dave & Lynn took the GP win and Joan & Jack in the Graduate the Fast Handicap result. The three boats in the slow handicap fleet were continually changing positions, Katia’s Tera leading initially, then Mik’s Mirror but at the finish it was Poppy in a Topper who took her first win and leads the Bates Series.

Latest DW etc results

The Jubilee Sailing Trust pennant followed but the start line was shifted to give a course A-9-0-B. Here Dave & Lynn took a further win from Val & Ken and the Hardies.

Final results

Away from the Club Andy & Lily were contesting the Mirror Nationals in Cornwall finishing an excellent 8th overall including a 2nd in Race 6. It is thought that this was the crew’s first time racing on the sea. Also three Bass boats were contesting the RS400 Northerns. Dave Exley & Crew were third, Mark & Joe seventh and Caroline Exley & Crew ninth.

Mirror nationals – full report